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Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1
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Glitch 1
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Rank of Introduction Beta Rank 3+
Description Beta Testers' reward module!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain No longer available, it was to be a Rank 3+ MLN Beta Tester
Cost to Build None
Stats Guests with the Beta Tester Badge can click on this module for a chance to win 1 Beta Bug. Owners will have a small chance of winning 1 Red Brick and sending a sticker to a random friend on their Friend List when this happens. This Module also grows 20 Red Bricks a day plus 1 for every 5 clicks, limit 30 Red Bricks a day
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The Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1 is a one-slot Module that is only available to My LEGO Network Beta Testers. It grows 20 Red LEGO Bricks per day, plus one for every five clicks. Users must have the Beta Tester Badge to click on this Module, and by doing so have a chance to win a Beta Bug. For every click to this Module, the Module owner has a chance of winning one Red LEGO Brick and sending out a Sticker to a random person on their Friend List.

How to Obtain

Echo sent the Blueprint to players who had achieved Rank 3 or higher during the Beta Period along with Echo's Letter of Thanks and 50 Red LEGO Bricks.

Required to Build

Pet glitch 1 b

The Blueprint

50 Red LEGO Bricks

Beta Bug | Blue Screen of Sadness | Echo's Letter of Thanks
Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1 | Pet Glitch Module, Rank 2

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