Public Page is the official term given to your MLN page that others can see. A public page can be modified by editing it in the Page Builder where there are twelve open spaces to place the Modules desired. The Public View can be accessed on The MLN Public View Tab.
Public page

An example of a Public Page


The Public Page displays Modules, the user's Badges, username and Avatar, in addition to the sidebar questions and how you answered them. It also shows all of your current unblocked friends, except for secret Networkers (unless you're viewing your own page).


Other features are the Visit a friend button, which is used to visit a random friend on that user's friendlist, and a search bar to find other users and Networkers.


Your Modules appear in your Public view and you can set them up and harvest them. Some modules need an item to set up.


If you aren't the owner of the page you can see buttons to click to spend clicks on one's Modules.

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