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Race Car, Rank 3
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Rank of Introduction Rank 3
Description An even faster Race Car!
Use Clicking on and constructing the Race Track Module, Rank 3
How to Obtain Obtain from Pedalman Wheelie for 3 Solar Power Cells
Cost to Build 4 Tires, 1 Engine, 40 Blue Bricks, 25 Yellow Bricks, 1 Carburetor, 1 Nitro, 1 Spoiler, 1 Solar Power Cell
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000acfa
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The Race Car, Rank 3 is the third version of the Race Car series. It is a non-mailable Rank 3 Item.

How to Obtain

Get the Blueprint by trading three Solar Power Cells at Pedalman Wheelie's Trade Module.

Required to Build


The Blueprint


This Item is used in the construction of a Race Track Module, Rank 3 to get the Stunt Track Module, Rank 3 Blueprint or to race other users at their Race Track Module, Rank 3 to obtain 3 Victory Ribbons each time the guest wins.

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