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Race Track Module, Rank 1
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Race track 1
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Rank of Introduction Rank 3
Description Compete in a race!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Send an Engine to Pedalman Wheelie
Cost to Build 1 Race Car, Rank 1, 5 Yellow Bricks
Stats Users with a Race Car, Rank 1 can use 1 Solar Power Cell to compete in a racing competition. The winner receives 1 Victory Ribbon. This Module requires 1 Solar Power Cell to run
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The Race Track Module, Rank 1 is a one-slot Module that is used in Rank 3. A guest with a Race Car, Rank 1 may click this Module, spending a Solar Power Cell to race the owner of the Race track. The winner is randomly selected, and he/she receives a Victory Ribbon.

As with nearly all Race and Stunt Track Modules, this Module is biased towards the owner. It is, in fact, not needed for Rank 3, although it is useful for obtaining Victory Ribbons.

How To Obtain

Pedalman Wheelie offers the Blueprint for this Module for one Engine by mail.

Required to Build


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