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Rank of Introduction The Robot Chronicles
Description Awarded from the LEGO Racers The Robot Chronicles - use them to get your Racers Rookie Badge
Use To gain the LEGO Racers Rookie Badge
How to Obtain By playing The Robot Chronicles game
Cost to Build N/A
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Unknown (Please provide)
XML ID 0001f847
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Note: This page is about Racing Trophies, you might be looking for a Victory Trophy if you are in Rank 3.

Racing Trophies are a non-mailable Item from The Robot Chronicles. Five are needed to build the LEGO Racers Rookie Badge and five are needed to obtain the Blueprint for the LEGO Racers Rookie Badge.

Its description reads:

Awarded from the LEGO Racers The Robot Chronicles - use them to get your Racers Rookie Badge

These Trophies are awarded in The Robot Chronicles game. You could also receive one if you were a LEGO Racers Beta Testers and replied to a message from Pedalman Wheelie.

Players may only obtain 11 Racing Trophies through normal means, although Agent's Dossiers and Hardhats are unlimited. It is possible obtain more than 11 Racing Trophies, if you make the Racers Rookie Badge when you have 6 Racing Trophies still left over in your inventory, after making the Badge. From there on you can obtain unlimited Trophies.

Their only known use so far is building the Racers Rookie Badge.

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