The target for Rank 10, even though it isn't a Masterpiece

Rank 10 is the final Rank in MLN. It is an extremely difficult Rank to complete due to the difficulty in obtaining Nebular Crystals and Transparent LEGO Bricks in Rank 9.

There is some controversy over the actual goal of Rank 10, since, being the final Rank, it cannot technically be completed, but most users agree that the creation of the Rocket Game Module defines the goal, and the ultimate "end" of the major Ranks.

There are a total of seven Networkers introduced in Rank 10: Grok, and six Secret Networkersthe five Echo Prototypes, and Zenith.

Three Modules are introduced in Rank 10, namely the Alien Egg ModuleDreaming Beam Infuser Module and Rocket Game Module.

There are various rumors that there will be a Rank 11 and higher in the near future, but none of these have been confirmed yet. In addition, Moderators have stated that the MLN team has been broken up and that there are no plans to update MLN anytime soon.

Items Introduced In Rank 10

In Rank 10 you can obtain the following Items:

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