This is a walkthrough, a detailed guide leading a user through a Rank or mini-Rank, and it does not need to adhere as strictly to the standard writing style as normal articles do.

Rocket Game Module front page example.

Your goal of Rank 10 is to build the Rocket Game Module!

New Friends

The Alien Egg

Strongly Suggested: See the Optional Activities section to learn about the Dreaming Beam Infuser Module and its ability to earn Transparent LEGO Bricks faster than other means.

The Rocket Game

  • After 1000 clicks to your Alien Egg Module you earn the Rocket Game Module Blueprint.
  • Build the Rocket Game Module and put it on your page. This Module costs 900 Transparent LEGO Bricks.
  • Guests spend 5 Red LEGO Bricks to play and can win Bricks and Arcade Tokens. The owner receives 5 Transparent LEGO Bricks per click, limit 20 Transparent Bricks per harvest.

Optional Activities

Dreaming Beam Infuser Module

Spoiler warning: The following article or section is about a secret Networker or other hidden information within MLN.

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