This is a walkthrough, a detailed guide leading a user through a Rank or mini-Rank, and it does not need to adhere as strictly to the standard writing style as normal articles do.

Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece

Your goal for Rank 1 is to build the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece!

Once the meanings of all the actions and buttons introduced in Rank 0 are clear, the rest of the ranks are fairly easy. But for new users, Rank 1 can be tricky, so provided below are two walkthroughs: one for new users and one for the experienced.

Walkthrough for New Users

Make sure you understand the definitions provided in the Rank 0 Walkthrough before continuing.

A Brief Introduction to Modules

  • Under your Private View, you have a tab named Page Builder. Click on it.
    • Definition: The Page Builder is a tool used to create your Public View (see below).
  • On the left, there is a list of Modules. Select the LEGO Tree Module and drag it anywhere onto an outlined box.
    • Definition: A Module is an object that goes onto your Public View (once again, you'll see it later.) Everyone else can see your Modules. The LEGO Tree Module is a particular Module that grows Red LEGO Bricks — ten for every 24 hours, to be exact. Be sure to look at the other Modules on the left-hand bar and check them out!
    • Note: Modules have Blueprints, just as Items do! You can buy the Blueprint for the LEGO Tree Module at Farmer John's page. With the Blueprint, you can build more Tree Modules and grow even more Red LEGO Bricks every day.
  • Click on Save Page. Don't forget to do this, or your changes will be lost!
  • Now click on the Public Page tab above.
    • Definition: Your Public Page is the place where you can see everyone's page, including yours.
  • Your Tree Module is now visible. After 24 or more hours, you can press the ↓ (Harvest) button to collect your prized Bricks.
    • Note: Not all Modules grow Items, but they all take clicks. When you view someone else's page, you'll see a red button with a yellow + sign. If you click that button, you'll benefit the Module owner in some way. You only have a limited number of clicks, so watch the meter at the top of the page.

The Walkthrough

  • Return to your Inventory and build five Apples.
  • Go to Henrietta's page and click "Add to Friend List." Henrietta is yet another Networker.
  • Refresh the page in your browser so Henrietta can accept your friend request.
  • On Henrietta's page, you can buy the Mason Jar Blueprint from her Trade Module. Remember, you're buying the Blueprint, not the Item itself.
    • Definition: A Trade Module lets users trade mailable Items with other users. You can build your own using the Trade Module Blueprint included in your inventory for 55 Red LEGO Bricks. (Networkers, such as Henrietta, have a special version of the Module that lets them trade Blueprints and non-mailable Items.)
  • Now go back to your inventory and build two Mason Jars. You'll need these later.
  • Make friends with Bee Keeper Bill the same way you did with Henrietta and the other Networkers.
  • On Bee Keeper Bill's page, buy the Worker Bee Blueprint with your two Mason Jars. Once again, you're buying the Blueprint and not the Item itself.
  • Befriend Flora as you did before.
  • Build three Worker Bees. Each one costs four Red LEGO Bricks, so stock up!
  • Go to your mailbox and send Flora one of your Worker Bees. You now have the Blueprint for the Flower Patch Module.
  • Build the Flower Patch Module and put it out on your page. It costs 15 Red LEGO Bricks.
  • The Flower Patch Module grows Red Flowers. Accumulate a small bunch of them; you'll need them later on.
  • Build another Mason Jar.
  • Now go to Flora's page and buy the Potted Plant Blueprint with your remaining two Worker Bees.
  • Build a Potted Plant. This costs a Red Flower and a Mason Jar.
  • Send this to Bee Keeper Bill to get the Hive Module Blueprint.
  • Build three more Worker Bees.
  • Now build the Hive Module and put it on your page. This costs your three Worker Bees and 20 Red LEGO Bricks.
    • Definition: Some Modules need to be "set up" in order to function. This means that you need to put one or more Items into the Module in order for it to function. In this case, you'll need a Pollenated Bee (see below) and a Mason Jar to grow Honey Pots (which is what your Hive Module does.) Be careful! Every time you harvest, you have to spend another Pollenated Bee and a Mason Jar to set the Module up again. The more impatient you are for harvesting, the more Bees and Jars you spend. If you decide you want your Bee and your Jar before any Pots have grown, you can press the X button on the Module.
    • Note: To make a Pollenated Bee, create a Worker Bee and click on someone else's Flower Patch Module.
  • Grow 20 Pots with your Hive Module. Spend those Pots on Bee Keeper Bill's page for the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece Blueprint.
  • Befriend Bartlebee.
  • Send him a Red Flower by mail to receive the Blueprint to the Bee Battle Module, Rank 1.
    • Note: Sometimes, there are a series of Modules that perform similar, but different functions. In this case, we have the different types of Bee Battle Modules: Ranks 1, 2, and 3. Confusingly, these systems have nothing to do with the actual MLN Ranks 1, 2, and 3.
  • Build your new Module. You'll have to grow some extra Honey Pots and Red Flowers to get the needed Items. Put it out on your page as you did with the Tree Module.
  • Build a Worker Bee and use it to set up your Bee Battle Module, Rank 1.
    • Visiting users can click on your Module and risk a Worker Bee.

Walkthrough for Experienced Users

Henrietta and Mason Jars

  • Befriend Henrietta.
  • Build five Apples. Each Apple costs one Red LEGO Brick to build.
  • Trade Henrietta five Apples for the Mason Jar Blueprint.
  • Build two Mason Jars. Each Mason Jar costs three Red LEGO Bricks to build.
  • Apple Butter and Strawberry Jam requires a Mason Jar to make.
  • Extra Mason Jars are used to get Better Bee and Best Bee.

Bee Keeper Bill and Worker Bees

  • Befriend Bee Keeper Bill.
  • Trade Bee Keeper Bill two Mason Jars for the Worker Bee Blueprint.
  • Build three Worker Bees. Each bee costs four Red LEGO Bricks to build.

Flora, Flowers and Potted Plants

  • Befriend Flora.
  • Send Flora one Worker Bee by mail to receive the Flower Patch Module Blueprint.
  • Trade Flora two Worker Bees for the Potted Plant Blueprint.
  • Build a Flower Patch Module. The Module costs 15 Red LEGO Bricks to build.
  • Add the Module to your page and wait for a while until it can be harvested. Once harvested, it grants the user with some Red Flowers.

The Hive Module Blueprint

  • Once you have a Red Flower, build another Mason Jar.
  • Build a Potted Plant. This costs one Red Flower and one Mason Jar.
  • Send Bee Keeper Bill the Potted Plant by mail to receive the Hive Module Blueprint.

Honey Pots

  • Build three more Worker Bees.
  • Build the Hive Module and put it on your page. This costs 20 Red LEGO Bricks and 3 Worker Bees to build.
  • Build another Worker Bee.
  • Find another user with a Flower Patch Module on their page and click on it. This changes your Worker Bee into a Pollenated Bee.
  • Build another Mason Jar.
  • On your page, use the setup button ( Setup Button ) on the Hive Module to load your Pollenated Bee and Mason Jar.
  • Wait for Honey Pots to be produced from the Module.
    • Harvesting the hive will consume the Pollenated Bee and Mason Jar, and you must reload the Module with the Pollenated Bee and the Mason Jar to resume production. The Hive produces a maximum of 20 Honey Pots per harvest, which takes 48 hours without clicks.
  • Harvest your Hive Module by clicking it to receive 1-20 Honey Pots, depending on how long you've waited. The longer you wait, the more honey you will get, up to 20 pots.
  • Or you can build a worker, better, or best bee and click on someone's bee battle module. This will give you a chance to win up to 20 honey pots (depending on how high ranked the module is).

Bartlebee and Bee Battle Modules

  • Befriend Bartlebee.
  • Send Bartlebee a Red Flower by mail to receive the Bee Battle Module, Rank 1 Blueprint.
  • Build the Bee Battle Module. This costs 10 Red LEGO Bricks, 5 Red Flowers and 1 Honey Pot to build.
  • Build a Worker Bee and set-up your Bee Battle Module as you did with the Hive Module. Visiting users may risk a Worker Bee for Honey Pots, while you have a chance of winning the Drone Bee Blueprint. If you lose, you need to set up the module again.
  • There are also Bee Battle modules for Better Bee and Best Bee.
  • These module blue prints are traded for 2 Better Bees or a Drone Bee on Bartlebees page.
  • The Drone Bee blue print is obtained from the Bee Battle Module rank 1 after you win... if you win

Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece

  • On Bee Keeper Bill's page, trade 20 Honey Pots for the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece Blueprint.
  • Continue to produce honey until you have at least 50 Honey Pots.
  • Build a Drone Bee, which costs 25 Red LEGO Bricks to build.
  • Build 10 Worker Bees.
  • Finally, build the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece. This costs 10 Red Flowers, 1 Drone Bee, 10 Worker Bees, and 50 Honey Pots.
  • Congratulations! You are now Rank 2! See Rank 2 Walkthrough!

Minimum Items Required

Days required to grow the required items with a single Module and without Module clicks.

  • 1 Drone Bee requires 2.5 days to grow 25 Red LEGO Bricks using the LEGO Tree Module.
  • 71 Honey Pots requires 7.1 days to grow using the Hive Module.
  • 21 Worker Bees requires 8.4 days to grow 84 Red LEGO Bricks using the LEGO Tree Module.
  • 4 Pollenated Bees requires 1.6 days to grow 16 Red LEGO Bricks using the LEGO Tree Module.
  • 29 Red Flowers requries 3.4 days to grow using the Flower Patch Module.
  • 7 Mason Jars requries 2.1 days to grow 21 Red LEGO Bricks using the LEGO Tree Module.
  • 5 Apples requries 0.5 days to grow 5 Red LEGO Bricks using the LEGO Tree Module.
  • 135 Red LEGO Bricks requries 13.5 days to grow using the LEGO Tree Module.

The numbers above are if you wait at least two days for the full 20 Honey Pots before loading the hive again, and win all bee battles.

Optional Activities

Better Bee

  • Build five Apples and one Apple Pie. The pie costs five Apples to build.
  • Send Henrietta the Apple Pie by mail to receive the Honey Pie Blueprint.
  • Build five more Apples and the Honey Pie. The Honey Pie costs five Apples and one Honey Pot to build.
  • Send Henrietta the Honey Pie by mail to receive the Apple Butter Blueprint.
  • Build ten Apples and the Apple Butter. The Apple Butter costs ten Apples and five Honey Pots to build.
  • Send Bee Keeper Bill the Apple Butter by mail to receive the Better Bee Blueprint.

Best Bee

  • Click on a Friend's Farm Pet Module, Rank 1 until you receive a "Farm Fresh!" mail with Strawberries attached.(Each click costs an Apple.)
  • Collect the Strawberries.
  • Trade Henrietta 10 Strawberries for the Strawberry Jam Blueprint.
  • Build a Strawberry Jam for 3 Strawberries and a Mason Jar.
  • Mail Bee Keeper Bill a Strawberry Jam. Receive the Best Bee Blueprint.
  • Build a Best Bee for 16 Red LEGO Bricks.

Bee Battle Module, Rank 2

Bee Battle Module, Rank 3

  • Build another Drone Bee.
  • On Bartlebee's page, trade the Drone Bee for Bee Battle Module, Rank 3.
  • The Bee Battle Module, Rank 3 requires Best Bees. See the Best Bee page to learn how to obtain them.

Now... let's continue to the Rank 2 Walkthrough!

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