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Red Pearls
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Red Pearls
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Rank of Introduction BIONICLE
Description These Red Pearls are Part of the BIONICLE Campaign
Use To Obtain Quick Silver Flux
How to Obtain Go to Tarix's or Berix's Product page and click the Agori Honor Badge in the Bottom Right Corner. Berix will send you one of four Items
Cost to Build None
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? None
XML ID 000164c9
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Red Pearls are a mailable Item that is part of the BIONICLE campaign.

How to Obtain

They could previously be obtained from Tarix's or Berix's product page however these pages have since been removed. Users could click on the Glatorian Symbol that appeared on the page, then Berix or Tarix would appear with a speech bubble and either one of the Ancient Spear fragments or a set of Red Pearls would be sent to the user's MLN mailbox. There is a limit on the number of Items that can be obtained. Tarix and Berix's Product Pages have been taken down so you can no longer obtain them using that way.

However, there is a workaround to this: Users can go to Berix's cached product page to receive the Items in the same way as mentioned above. This is the only way to get Red Pearls and Ancient Spear fragments now.

Note: Once the Glatorian Contract has been built, no more Red Pearls can be obtained and the message "Slow down, my friend. I can only collect four per day, so come back later" appears every time.


Red Pearls are used to trade for the Quick Silver Flux on Berix's page, and ultimately to obtain the Agori Honor Badge, Rank 3 Blueprint on Tarix's page. After a user builds the Agori Honor Badge, Rank 5, they are unable to obtain any more Red Pearls. Two Red Pearls are required to complete the BIONICLE mini-rank.

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