Rough Gems are an Item used to build the fifth Masterpiece, the Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece, in Rank 4. They can also be used to build a Seal of the P.O.S.. Rough Gems are obtained by receiving them randomly in a message from a friend's Dino Bone Gallery Module, Dino Bone Sticker Module, or Dinosaur Excavation Module.

There are three different types of gems that can be received via mail:

10 of each are needed for the Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece and 5 of each are needed for the Seal of the P.O.S. This is why Rank 4 takes a long time and is a lot harder to complete than previous ranks.

A good way of accumulating these rare items in order to make the Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece and the Seal of the P.O.S. is a method known as a "block/click". This means that the user blocks all their friends but one, and then asks them to click the user's Dinosaur Excavation Module, Dino Bone Gallery Module, or Dino Bone Sticker Module. This means that all the gems sent out from the user's modules come to the chosen, unblocked friend. The friend can then send on the accumulated gems to the user, and finally the user can unblock their friends. It is somewhat controversial whether this method is a good idea as the user's friends that get blocked may be annoyed if they don't know what the user is doing.

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