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Seal of the P.O.S.
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Rank of Introduction P.O.S.
Description A silver seal which reads - "Member of the Phantom Orchid Society" on front and "Friend of Phantomeme" on the back
Use To click a Gated Garden Module
How to Obtain Mail You-Know-Who a Phantom Orchid
Cost to Build 1 Seal Fragment 1, 1 Seal Fragment 2, 1 Seal Fragment 3, 5 Rough Diamonds, 5 Rough Sapphires, 5 Rough Rubies
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000b04a
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The Seal of the P.O.S. is a non-mailable Item used in Rank 4. It is the membership seal of the Phantom Orchid Society.

The Seal allows the user to click on Gated Garden Modules, but is not required to build the module. It is not necessary to acquire this Item to pass Rank 4, though it makes it easier to get through future ranks.

The Blueprint can be obtained by mailing Phantomeme a Phantom Orchid.

Required to build


The Blueprint


Its only use is to allow users to click on another user's Gated Garden Module.

See Also

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