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Shield of Endurance
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Rank of Introduction Rank 8
Description Bears the virtuous heraldry of endurance
Use Build Tower of Many Shields Masterpiece
How to Obtain Trade one Orange Brick on Nadeem Knod's page
Cost to Build 1 Totemic Turtle, 1 Totemic Rabbit, 1 Totemic Hawk
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000c7fe
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The Shield of Endurance is a shield used in Rank 8. Oddly, this shield is not used to build the Tower of Many Shields Masterpiece. Like all shields, it is non-Mailable.

How to obtain

Trade Nadeem Knod one Orange LEGO Brick for the Blueprint.

Required to Build


The Blueprint


See Also


  • Like every other type of Shield, the Blueprint says "Shield Of Endurance" instead of "Shield Of Endurance Blueprint".

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