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Soundtrack Module
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Music module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 0
Description Plays your very own soundtrack to your My LEGO Network page with loops you can collect from all over!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain You get it when you start My LEGO Network
Stats Collects clicks. Plays a musical sample sequence of your own design!
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The Soundtrack Module is a Module that plays music which the owner may partially design. The music is composed of four "measures." The user can overlay up to four Loops in each of the four "measure"(s). Note: If a user edits their Soundtrack Module, all of the clicks that it has collected will be deleted.

How to Obtain

The Module is be obtained for free when you start My LEGO Network. There is no Blueprint for this Module and no way to obtain more Modules. Each MLN user can only have one Soundtrack Module.


The Module can collect clicks, but it doesn't offer rewards in return, except the chance of getting featured on the Top 10 Soundtracks page.

As you progress through My LEGO Network, you will be able to befriend more Networkers and get more Loops.

How to Listen to Music

The guest may press the Play button (sometimes you need to click two times) button to begin playing the music, and the Stop button; button to stop it. Note that the guest does not spend any clicks when clicking either of these buttons. If the Module does not have any Loops inserted, it will disappear when clicked on. After listening, many people will click the soundtrack a few times if they like it.


Soundtrack Modules temporarily disappear when there are no Loops put into it and another user presses the "Play" button. Sometimes the play button does not work and the user must click twice; the first loads up the Loop and the second plays it.

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