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Space Probe
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Space Probe
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Rank of Introduction Star Justice
Description Used to track down Bob Skull!
Use To get Bob Skull's Coordinates
How to Obtain Mail Capt Reynolds a Space Fuel Cell
Cost to Build 3 Space Fuel Cells, 5 Red Bricks
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 000121d4
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A Space Probe is a mailable Item used for gaining the Star Justice Badge of Honor or the Space Skull Badge. They are used for clicking on Space Probe Mission Modules, where, upon clicking, the clicker spends a Space Probe for a chance to win Bob Skull's Coordinates. It costs 1 Space Fuel Cell to set up a Space Probe Mission Module.

Alternatively, if a user spends this on an Interstellar Ambush Module, the owner of the Module gets a Lost Space Probe.

How to Obtain

Required to Build

Star Justice
Space Fuel Cell | Bob Skull's Coordinates | Space Probe | Stolen Data Crystal | Lost Space Probe
Space Fuel Plant Gallery Module | Space Probe Mission Module | Interstellar Ambush Module

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