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Star Justice Badge of Honor

Bob skull badge

Space Skull Badge

This Walkthrough will bring you through the Star Justice/Space Skulls campaign. It is no longer legitimately possible to start this mini-Rank because the Star Justice LEGO theme is no longer part of the LEGO website, but some MLN users have derived workarounds, usually involving badge links or cached pages.

Walkthrough Options

You have two options: Star Justice or Space Skulls. Choose carefully, because you can't create both Badges! Although many argue the Space Skull Badge is easier to earn, it involves ambushing your friends and may ruin your reputation. The Star Justice Badge of Honor takes longer to earn but is a rewarding experience. We will leave the choice to you—leisure and betrayal or diligence and honor.

Star Justice Deputy Badge

Capt Reynolds

Bob Skull's Coordinates

Your first choice is how you wish to obtain Bob Skull's Coordinates.

Bob Skull

  • After receiving Bob Skull's Coordinates, befriend Bob Skull.
  • Your second choice is which badge you wish to earn.
  • Or:

Items used in this Mini-Rank

Modules used in this Mini-Rank

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