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Rank of Introduction Rank 4
Description A Rank 2 Plant Eating Dinosaur
Use Grazing on Dino Grazing Rank 2
How to Obtain Trade Shadow 5 Purple Bricks or send him a message saying "No"
Cost to Build 10 Purple Bricks, 10 Green Bricks, 10 Dino scales
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000ad08
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The Stegosaurus is a non-mailable Rank 4 Item, used for clicking on a Dino Grazing Module, Rank 2, and allows a user to get up to 10 Dino Scales.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint is available on Shadow's page for five Purple LEGO Bricks. It can also be obtained by sending Shadow a message saying "No".

Required to Build


The Blueprint


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