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Stunt Track Module, Rank 3
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Rank of Introduction Rank 3
Description Compete in a stunt challenge!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Win at your own Race Track Module, Rank 3
Cost to Build 1 Stunt Car Rank 3, 30 Yellow bricks
Stats Users with a Stunt Car, Rank 3 can use 1 Solar Power cell to compete in a stunt challenge. If the guest wins they receive 3 Victory Ribbons, if the owner wins they receive the Victory Trophy Blueprint. Costs 1 Solar Power Cell to set up.
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The Stunt Track Module Rank 3 is a one-slot Module. A user with a Stunt Car, Rank 3 can spend one Solar Power Cell to race the owner of the Stunt track. If the guest wins, they receive 3 Victory Ribbons. If the owner wins, they receive the Victory Trophy Blueprint. When a player wins at their own Race Track Module, Rank 3, they can harvest the Blueprint.

Required to Build


The Blueprint

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