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The Robot Chronicles
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The robot chronicles
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Minimum Rank to Start Rank 0
Item Primarily Used Hardhats, Agent's Dossiers, Racing Trophies and Clippings
How to Start Play The Robot Chronicles game
Reward for Completing The LEGO City Skin, Keys To LEGO City Badge and The Robot Chronicles Trophy Module
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The Robot Chronicles was a LEGO game released in October 2009 and February 2010 in Europe.

The Robot Chronicles has been given its own campaign in MLN, which intertwines the LEGO City, LEGO Racers, and LEGO Agents themes. The Robot Chronicles Walkthrough can guide users through the campaign and the game itself.

A Brief Overview

In this game the player helps to defend LEGO City from Doctor Inferno and his robots. This is accomplished by doing missions for various LEGO characters. These characters (also MLN Networkers) are Foreman Frank of LEGO City, Agent Chase of LEGO Agents, and Peelie Wheelie of LEGO Racers. Throughout the game, the user receives a variety of Items that are used on My LEGO Network. These Items include Clippings, Hardhats, Agent's Dossiers, and Racing Trophies. The rewards of completing the campaign are the LEGO City Skin, the Keys to LEGO City Badge and The Robot Chronicles Trophy Module.

LEGO's Glitches/Typos

  • In the game, LEGO calls "4 wheel in pursuit" "4 wheelin pursuit".
  • Dr. D Zaster is in the Robot Escape Pod instead of Dr. Inferno.

    Dr D Zaster in the Robot's Cockpit

    Mln info

    A Failure

  • The last secret prize leaves one this message: (link)

Networkers involved in the Robot Chronicles

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