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The Robot Chronicles Trophy Module
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MLN TRC Trophy
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Rank of Introduction LEGO CITY
Description Shows a count of Magma Drones, Press Clippings, Hardhats, Agent Dossiers and Racing Trophies
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Trade for the Blueprint at Mayor Frictionfit's page for 10 Clippings
Cost to Build 5 Red LEGO Bricks
Stats Displays your collection of Items from The Robot Chronicles.
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The Robot Chronicles Trophy Module is a Trophy Module from The Robot Chronicles Mini Rank. It shows the number of Clippings, Hardhats, Agent's Dossiers, Racing Trophies and Magma Drones the owner has.

The Blueprint is available at Mayor Frictionfit's page for 10 Clippings. It takes five Red LEGO Bricks to build.

When the Module was first released, there was no Vote button. Not long after, this was fixed, except the button appeared too far to the left. Now the Vote button is correctly positioned.

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