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Totemic Animals are mailable Rank 7 Items. In total, there are seven different kinds of Totemic Animals. Totemic Animals are vital for Rank 7 and Rank 8 to build the Brickota Totem Pole and the Tower of Many Shields Masterpieces.

The Blueprints for all the Totemic Animals are obtained by harvesting Pet Modules after they have received one hundred clicks. There are also two more of these Pet Modules which do not grant you Blueprints. The Blueprints for the Pet Modules are available from the Rank 7 Networkers.

They include:

Animal Image
Totemic Turtle TotemicTurtle
Totemic Snake Totemicsnake
Totemic Wolf TotemicWolf
Totemic Rabbit TotemicRabbit
Totemic Owl Totemicowl
Totemic Mountain Lion TotemicML
Totemic Hawk TotemicHawk

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