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Totemic Hawk
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Rank of Introduction Ranks 7
Additional Rank(s) Rank 8
Description A mighty totemic animal used in the creation of the Brickota Totem Pole. Also acts as a data switch!
Use Building the Brickota Totem Pole Masterpiece, Building a Shield of Discipline, Building a Shield of Endurance, Building a Shield of Speed
How to Obtain Receive the Blueprint after 100 clicks on your Pet Hawk Module
Cost to Build 10 Elemental Wind, 5 Elemental Water, 1 Elemental Fire, 10 Totemic Feather, 2 Totemic Claw, 10 Green Bricks, 10 Orange Bricks, 10 Purple Bricks
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000aa25
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The Totemic Hawk is a mailable Rank 7 Item. It is one of the seven Totemic Animals which are vital for Rank 7 and Rank 8.

How to Obtain

Required to Build

Totem hawk b

The Blueprint


See Also

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