Well Kjhf, I found a flaw in what you were saying. Scenario: You are moving away from Point A at light speed towards point B. Diagram below:


Now, looking behind you it would look like point A was the exact same as when you left it, because you are traveling away from it at light speed. However, time continues in both places, the clock does not slow down.

If you were looking at Point B, however, everything would be sped up exactly 2X, because you are intercepting the light rays twice as fast as you would if you were staying stationary. Please note that you would still be seeing a past image of Point B, because it takes time for the light rays to reach your eyes. The time is still the same at all three points, although your perception of time is different.

On another note to all who are confused here, everything that we see is in the past. This is because it takes light anywhere from a microsecond and lower to a Billion years and greater to reach our eyes.

Once again, please post your opinion and why.

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