Welcome back. This review is on Indiana Jones - Race For The Stolen Treasure. It is awesome but one problem, Missing Minifigures. It is very cool with the car which holds the Treasure and A LEGO Horse. Now to the cons and the pros. The pros are Cool 1st Car, Cool Treasure, Cool Whip, Cool Horse, Cool Treasure Chest and Cool LARGE Box. The cons are A few parts missing and minifigures are missing. Well the two cons are nothing cause i bought it from a Retail store. Let me just rephrase.


  1. Very Cool Car
  2. Cool Treasure
  3. Cool Whip
  4. Cool Horse
  5. Cool Treasure Chest
  6. Cool LARGE Box
  7. It is worth $35.00 BZD (It Costs $30.00 USD)


  1. Few Parts Missing
  2. Minifigures Missing

Over all a good set. I give it a 9/10. Playability i give 7/10. It is worth the money i recommend this to all you Indiana Jones LEGO Fans out there. Next time we will do a review on a stupid topic. Red Bricks, Green Bricks, Yellow Bricks. Just kidding. There wont be one next time cause i have no more sets. :p In a few more weeks we will do another one.

Until Then,

Waddle On


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