Today i'm just going to do a review and maybe something else that's it, sorry for not having much today.

Todays set review is. . . . . The first ever Makuta!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . .

Building it:

  • (keep in mind I built this guy like 8 years ago so ill try and remember what he was like to build)

Building Makuta was awesome, he had technic pieces, lotsa armot pieces, and a big staff that was fun to build. When building him you had to keep connecting armor in the most interesting ways, that turned out real well. I can't say much more because I built him so long ago.


What's the word i'm looking for. . . . . SHOCKING, yea, that's it. Yep, his appearence is amazing. At his feet you can heavily armored legs and toes. Then on the torso there's a big rahkshi kraata holder and a pipe. Then his shoulders and way armored with 3 armor pieces, 2 are old toa nuva armor only in metallic grey. The other is a old toa nuva shoulder armor piece. Then you have the spear which looks big and threatening. Did I forget to mention the mask, which is only the coolest mask in all of bionicle history in my opinion.


Wow, this set plays really well except with one little bug. The little bug is that a small connecter, (you know, the ones that are grey and really really really small) holds his armor on his shoulders in place, and if it falls off then you have a small problem! Besides that minor thing he's really really fun to play with. The gear action lets him swing his body, which swings the spear. So that lets ya wack other bionicles down!!!


He has a limited coordination because of his bulk so you can't pose him very well, nothing else to say about posing.

In other news, I recently got together all of my old Kraata and placed them on note cards, on the cards I've labeled their stage and power. This is really cool to do and i'd recommend anyone else who wants to do this gather up your old kraata and then use the link [| here]. Soon I plan to label my kanohi disks like this. (if you haven't already figured it out i'm a bionicle geek).

Until next time, Tally Ho!!! TroylTalkTroyl's Junk YardContribs 13:45, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

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