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Rank Rank 5
Theme Dino Attack/Dino 2010
Quote I've gotten a bit obsessed with these things. I'm actually making models of the monsters in my spare time
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Viper is a Rank 5 Networker from the Dino Attack theme, that helps users in Rank 4. His MLN description reads:

Viper is a dinosaur hunter. He got his first look at a T-Rex when he helped Digger and Shadow fight off an invasion of mutant dinos, and he's never looked back. He's no paleontologist, but when they're not fighting off attacks, Viper helps the guys on their digs. He figures the more they know about the monsters, the better they'll be able to fight them. He's tight with Digger and Shadow, and also knows a lot of the racing crew from his younger days at the track. Radia, MacRacer and Pedalman Wheelie are old friends. He has a lot of respect for anyone who can build a racing engine, especially a motorcycle.
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