A Vote, or, as many users call it, a click, is an action that any user can make on a Module, assuming it is not their own. Users can vote on Modules by pressing the Vote button (Vote Button) on another user's Module. Players cannot Vote on their own Modules, and they can not Vote unless they are logged in.

For every click the users spends, their Vote meter at the top of all Public Pages will decrease by 1. When they are out of Votes, i.e. the meter has reached zero, you cannot click on any more Modules. However, the Votes are slowly restored over time, and all are restored within 24 hours if no more are spent.

The number of Votes you have initially depends on your Rank:

  • Rank 0: 20 Votes, you get 0.8 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 1: 28 Votes, you get 1.16 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 2: 36 Votes, you get 1.5 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 3: 44 Votes, you get 1.83 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 4: 52 Votes, you get 2.16 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 5: 60 Votes, you get 2.5 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 6: 68 Votes, you get 2.83 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 7: 76 Votes, you get 3.16 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 8: 84 Votes, you get 3.5 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 9: 92 Votes, you get 3.83 Votes per hour.
  • Rank 10: 100 Votes, you get 4.16 Votes per hour.

In general, the formula for finding the number of Votes V for Rank r is V = 8r + 20.

In simple terms, it means you get eight clicks for every rank you earn.

A variety of Modules require a specific number of Votes for their owners to harvest them:

The "featured" list on the My LEGO Network tab is based on the total number of clicks or the number of clicks to a certain Module.


If a user puts his/her name in the search bar and then follows it with a space, instead of the harvest button the "Vote" button appears. However, the clicks the user gives to him/herself are not registered on the Module, so this glitch does not have any real use.

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