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Welcome to the My LEGO Network Wiki, a free online reference site for the popular My LEGO Network game by LEGO which anyone can edit. This wiki is based on the MediaWiki software used to run Wikipedia, and with the help of editors like yourself, we strive to be the best reference site for My LEGO Network out there.
  • Due to lack of updates, this wiki is experiencing gradual decline. The admins here thank each and every one of you for your devotion shown to MLNWiki, and we hope you lead an interesting and successful life.

You may, of course, continue to edit here if you wish. The pages will be kept for the few who are still playing MLN.
All the best,
The MLNWiki admins.


If you're new to wikis, be sure to check out Wikia's great tutorial here. You can then help us by improving on our existing pages, such as making our pages more professional and expanding its contents. You can also contribute to us by spreading the news of our presence, and help us attract more people who could help us with the task.

Please be aware that exclusive MLN codes are not allowed to be posted anywhere on the wiki. Offenders will be banned from editing. Codes are allowed if a source is provided where the LEGO group gave out the code publicly.

Welcome mlnw00:44

Welcome mlnw

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What is the best way to get Red LEGO Bricks?

What is the best MLN Minirank?

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Did You Know?
  • Seno Evel's name comes from the words "see no evil".
  • Grok is a pun of the verb "to grok" meaning: "to share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity". The name could come from the famous Sci-Fi book "A Stranger in a Strange Land".
  • F Stop Clikzgerald's name is a pun on F. Scott Fitzgerald, a famous author.
  • Sagitaria's name is based on "Sagittarius" which is both a constellation and a Zodiac symbol used in astrology.
  • Peelie Wheelie has close resemblance to Racer X of the LEGO Speed Racer theme.

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