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Wi-Fi Transmitter
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Rank of Introduction Rank 7
Description Used in the creation of the Brickota Totem Pole Masterpiece
Use To build the Brickota Totem Pole Masterpiece
How to Obtain Send Kotori a Circuit Board
Cost to Build 20 Circuit Boards, 35 Orange Bricks, 20 Yellow Bricks, 25 Purple Bricks
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID Unknown (Please provide)
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The Wi-Fi Transmitter is the only Item other than Totemic Animals used to make the Brickota Totem Pole Masterpiece. According to the lost Brickota warrior, Hokee, the Wi-Fi Transmitter could be used by the Brickotas so they could think about the future, but still look deep down into the past. The other Brickotas did not like or did not agree with his idea. He felt ashamed and left the Brickotas.

How To Obtain

Mail Kotori a Circuit Board to obtain the Wi-Fi Transmitter Blueprint.

Required to Build


The Blueprint

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