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Windmill Tilter
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Rank of Introduction Rank 2
Additional Rank(s) Rank 9
Description Don Brickote's noble charge against unseen enemies
Use Have it in your inventory when you click on a Wind Mill Module to have a chance to get the Giant blueprint and building the Cruiser Warp Drive
How to Obtain Send Don Brickote 1 Heroic Story to get the blueprint
Cost to Build 5 Blue Bricks, 8 Red Bricks
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000acf2
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The Windmill Tilter is a non-mailable Rank 2 Item that is used to click on Wind Mill Modules in order to get the Giant Blueprint. It is based on the story of Don Quixote. Surprisingly it's used in the creation of the Cruiser Warp Drive which is necessary for getting to Rank 10.

How to Obtain

Send Don Brickote one Heroic Story to get the Blueprint.

Required to Build


The Blueprint


  • Getting the Giant Blueprint on another user's Wind Mill Module.
  • Building the Cruiser Warp Drive.
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